Hello! My name is Victoria Reshetnikov. I'm a student studying Art History and Visual Arts at Columbia University with an academic focus on Post-Modern and Contemporary Art. As a young professional, I'm interested in curation, community-oriented and alternative art spaces, New York City as a generative and unique artistic space, and how all of the above inform my own art practice. Professionally, I've pursued and continue to pursue gallery, not-for-profit, studio, and museum work, and am excited by all the possibilities that come with pursuing the arts in New York.
Artist's Statement
          My experience of the interior has never been fully static; the people that occupy my interiority are stratified, and the position of the home as a generational space is foreign to me. Additionally, living in New York City, my interior is both the homes I’ve grown up in and the city I occupy. Through my work, I aim to both self-assemble and activate understandings of the home and the city as living and breathing beings that are more than just subject to change; they are inevitably ridden with temporal deterioration. In my work, every architectural transformation wrestles with how the interior and the inside, the house and the home are interrelated and stratified concepts. I am interested in domesticity as a place of seeing and unseeing, of making trauma visible and invisible. I explore ways that the monument, the city, and the house are subject to time through processes like gentrification and climate change. My art practice centers people, but avoids the portrayal of their likeness. It is the objects, the homes, and the structures we leave behind that are the indicators of ourselves.